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Location Jacksonville, Florida
Introduction Shameless anglophile. Pedant. Hooker. Chef. (my avatar: original photo "The Crow" courtesy of Kessiye at Flikr)
Interests String. Flour. Dirt. Scotland. SSHG.
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride, Big Jake, Bringing Up Baby, Alan Rickman in anything, Twilight (no, that's not a misprint). Thelma & Louise. Darby O'Gill and the Little People. MirrorMask. Chimpanzee (2012).
Favorite Music Paul Simon, Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas, David Cook, Shakira, Collective Soul, Shirley Bassey, Neil Diamond, Nickelback, Everclear, Gary Allen, The Cars, Def Leppard. Mumford and Sons. Laura Marling. Kimbra. Audra Mae.
Favorite Books Anything Robert A. Heinlein, Stephen King, Stephen R. Donaldson, Dean Koontz, David Feintuch, The Twilight series, The Belgariad, The Mallorean. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever.

Never mind the turtle. Don't you think you're sure to win?

I am the hare. I am the turtle. I am the race.