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Occupation Poet, Writer, Educator, Editor
Location Mission, SF/South Valley, Burque
Introduction I'm a poet, story writer and collector, educator, and editor. I've been influenced by the stories my aunts, uncles, and cousins told while I was growing up in San Francisco's Mission District. I'm living in Burque, NM these days and I appreciate these folks and their stories about their lands.
Interests Chicanas, Chicanos, Latinas, Latinos, Women, Queer, Lesbian, LGBTQ, Gender, Transgender, People of Color, People, Mission, Mission District, San Francisco, New Mexico, West, Southwest, Place, Stories, Poems, Poetry, Poets, Writers, Writing, Reading, Teaching, Editing, Scribe, Local, History, Culture
Favorite Movies Calle Chula y MAS, Godafather I and II (NOT III), Cold Fever, Casino, Goodfellas
Favorite Music Santana's "Evil Ways" and "Black Magic Woman" y MAS
Favorite Books Xeri Moraga, Ana Castillo, Levi Romero, Andrea Serrano's LOVE LETTER TO BURQUE, Michelle Otero's MALINCHE'S DAUGHTER y MAS

Chicken monkey shoes?

Chicken shoes? Ok. Monkey shoes? Better. Chicken monkey shoes? Hell no.