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Location Athens
Introduction I live for music. I love writing. I cherish clothes. I adore cats. I dream about pillows. I enjoy magazines. I think i live in american tv series. I play with make up. I need coffee. I secretly collect stuffed animals. I think about my hair.I am addicted to shoes. I am extra addicted to boots. I'm interested in blogs. I love to get boxsets for my birthday. I love the touch of velvet and silk. I love, love love old cars. I never go out without my earrings. I am proud of my book collection. I secretly prefer comic books. I dig tattoos. I always count the cigarettes i smoke. I love my red fingernails. I envy madonna's cowgirl look. I always sit in sofas. I can't live without diet coke. Or eyeliner. I tend to match songs to people, places, days. I wish i lived in L.A, London, New York. Next life, i' ll be the lead singer of a rock band. Previous life i was Ian Curtis. Yeap, his spirit went right into me after he died (after lingering for a few months).Not. I never let go. Revenge is always mine.