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Location California, United States
Introduction About me? Does anyone ever really know what to put here? Do people really want to know that is aggravates me to no end when the clothes fall in front of the hamper instead of in it? That I can not throw a football properly to save me soul. Do you want to know that I am great cook, but can not bake cookies? What about how I hate Jim Carrey Movies and Dumb and Dumber seems like a waste of 2 hours? There are of course the basics like: I am a single mom to 4 (yup 4) children (of course this is the whole purpose for the title) and that I love hanging out with them but rarely find the time to do so. I love to read and there is not much out there that I will not read. I am an all american girl, who lived most of her life as adult in Canada. I hate feet. I don't want to look at your feet, touch feet or know what your feet smell like. At the same time I don't want my feet touched, looked or smelled! I like flowers in a vase but would much rather have a potted plant that I can enjoy much much longer. So what else should I put here? I have no ideas, so let me know! O and I hate Game Shows!
Interests When I have time I loveto write, read, scrapbook, photography. I try to take my camera everywhere I go, because you never know when the perfect picture might present itself.
Favorite Movies Gone With the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, An Affair to Remember, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Leathal Weapon 4, All the Legally Blondes, and soo many more!
Favorite Music Pretty much anything as long as its not rap!
Favorite Books To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone With the Wind, The Shopoholic Series, The Nanny Diaries (Loved them way before any of them became movies), Using Self Psychology in Child Psychotherapy. Any books on real life criminals, not because I am weird, or because I have secret love affair with these people, but because I want to know what makes them do what they do?

Which is more important to you and why: flexibility or expandability?

Flexibility, because if you can be flexible then you can definitely expand!