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Location Norway
Introduction I decided to write a blog about my life when my parents and my sister moved to Thailand in May/june 2011. I love photographing, so it's not that difficult to take pictures of EVERYTHING I do :) My blog is probably dedicated to my dearest mother, who's also my biggest (only) fan. After the months and years went by I started to really get into to the nail and cosmetic community, and my nails have already taken over this site (like completely). I have an InstaGram account as well, which I would more than like for you to follow; @michellepoena. But the blog is, however, not always about nails and cosmetis, but also about my life; whether it be interior or vacations. I love to take pictures, as 'ive already mentioned, and that's exactly what you're gonna get here: pictures! (But yeah, mainly of nails...)