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Introduction I'm a visual artist from Nigeria in West African. When I was in Secondary School, I made a lot of doodle with my pen while attending many boring and torturous chemistry lectures. I later developed my skill to what it is today. I work with various medium but due to the expense and time constraint of painting, I prefer drawing with pencils and ballpoint pens. The cost of making a single 16x20 inches painting would buy enough pencils and biros to make a thousand 16x20 inches drawings, and being a poor man, I decided to make the rational ‘chose’ that would fit my budget. I even create recycled paper collage art. 🎨 I had a brief relationship with the Bauchi State chapter of the National Gallery of Art (NGA). During that period, I discovered that the attitude of the artist there was similar to those of civil servants (who waited for government handouts). I decided to independently embark on the promotion of my art and contemporary-culture with the aid of the internet. 🎨 I offer a 30 days unconditional 100% money back guaranty. I feel fortunate to be a living artist and hope that I would be able to make an impact on the contemporary African art movement before I eventually die.
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