Julia Galef

About me

Gender Female
Location New York, NY, United States
Introduction Julia Galef is a New York-based writer and public speaker specializing in science, rationality, and design. She serves on the board of directors of the New York City Skeptics, co-hosts their official podcast, Rationally Speaking, and co-writes the blog Rationally Speaking along with philosopher of science Massimo Pigliucci. She has moderated panel discussions at The Amazing Meeting and the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism, and gives frequent public lectures to organizations including the Center for Inquiry and the Secular Student Alliance. Julia received her B.A. in statistics from Columbia in 2005.
Interests Consciousness, happiness, information theory, rationality, physics, cognitive science, linguistics, logic, fallacies, paradoxes, skepticism, philosophy of science, epistemology, self-reference, recursion