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Introduction As a child, I was never a picky eater. You name it and I probably tried it. I was never one to shy away from a challenge, be it culinary or otherwise. (Liverwurst? Bring it on!) I ate what I had been told was a healthy diet: low-fat with lots of whole grains and very little (if any) red meat. This lifestyle changed two years ago when I was diagnosed with moderate/severe Ulcerative Colitis. After having very little success with pills, I began the Specific Carbohydrate Diet after noticing new food sensitivities. My health drastically improved and I became interested in how food really affects health. While I no longer follow the SCD completely, I still I do not eat unsprouted grains or refined sugars and I avoid lactose except for very sharp cheeses and homemade yogurt. I loved to cook before I began this diet and this love has only grown as I discover new ways to cook and eat myself healthy. Please enjoy!