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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Retired university instructor
Location Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Introduction As the hardware store owner once told me, "Ya gotta get'em inta da store and you gotta put the tool in his hand and the next thing is, you've made a SALE!" Same thing in the world of arts. Get her to pick up a book and to take it home and, we hope, she becomes a reader, even a Barbara Kingsolver or Ian McEwan fan. Or talk about a painting or photograph that moves you, take a child or a friend to a gallery or museum to see just THAT image and then go for ice cream or a martini after that! ART begets pleasure! Finally, if a food experience recalls a food-oriented film like "Big Night" (1996) or "Strawberry and Chocolate" (1995) or 'The Lunch Box" (2014), delve in - what is the subtext? In this mode of introduction (or seduction), exploration and interpretation, I offer FOOD in the ARTS, a blog that opens the door to impressive creativity, whether in 1460 or 2014. If food experiences stay on your mind (That very first raw oyster), then let your senses and your curiosity lure you into this visual experience of nearly 2000 images.in literature, painting and photography, sculpture, performance art, installations and film.
Interests Modern/contemporary art, foodways, museums, environmental issues, black & white photography, Russian studies, and turning random left-overs into tasty and memorable family meals.
Favorite Movies Being There, Russian Ark, Blade Runner, Casablanca, Babette's Feast, Modern Times, anything by Igmar Bergman, Dinner for One, Jean Luc Goddard Fly Guys, Shadow of a Doubt, Saving Private Ryan.
Favorite Music First, J.S. Bach and then mostly contemporary composers (Adams, Cage, Copeland, Lou Harrison), but also Robert Schumann etc.), Cole Porter, R&B, jazz (Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Desmond, Gene Ammons, etc)
Favorite Books Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale, Steinbeck, East of Eden, Proulx, Shipping News, Babette's Feast. Ian McEwan's Saturday, Geo R. Stewart's Earth Abides, The Road, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Oscillate my metallic sonatas with your plan for the Panama canal:

Why didn't avant-garde art in the Rutgers University art department begin a bit earlier than 1960? I graduated 1954 and missed it. Disappointed!