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Location Maplewood, NJ
Introduction There I was, a citizen of the world, cruising along in life, happy to be here, trying, like many of us, to juggle life’s challenges and create happy memories. Then, all of a sudden, I find myself on a battlefield with no armor, training, back up forces or ammunition. By the end of 2010, cancer will become the number one cause of death worldwide. It strikes one in two men, one in three women. In a time of global unrest, I am one of many fighting in another deadly war. Cancer is fought on the most frightening terrain we know of, our bodies. It’s an enemy marked by cells run amuck. It strikes us one at a time, but it wounds us all. I have chosen to fight this war loudly, armed with pushy determination. This blog is a glimpse of my battle and a peek at a few of my weapons.