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Industry Arts
Occupation Interior Designer
Location Grand Rapids, Michigan
Introduction What? Yet another blog by some artsy person trying to find themselves? YOU might be right! Maybe you don't want to follow this blog- after all- what kind of person is this "unusual girl named Chris"? So if you're not sure I reccomend you read a few of the following posts- and you will soon find that I am not glamorous, well organized, on top of anything, pulled together, unshakable, prepared, a rule abider, thin, mother of the year, hollyhomemaker, accomplished but....I might just, still, nevertheless, get through my life with a semblance of dignity and its all fake, folks, cuz its really an image of a tall cold one that gets me throught the tough days!
Interests Art, art and more art. My saying is "I need to be creative like other people need to breathe."
Favorite Movies Let me just say- what's up with movies anymore? For the last 5 years I keep getting tricked! BrokeBack Mountain was not quite the romantic date movie I thought it would be for my husband and me. Decidedly awkward!
Favorite Music I am a rock and roll kinda girl. I don't follow the bands- I just have my favorite radio station tuned in for my drive time.
Favorite Books As if I had time to read? I do have a stack of self help books propping up a couple of pictures of my girls.

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?

It will made from rusty metal and commemorates surviving and reclaiming one's soul.