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Industry Education
Occupation learner/teacher/beginner/fool
Location Education, Nomad, Canada
Introduction black and white and read all over.... a nun tumbling down the stairs, a chessboard wrapped around a body, a mime, a muse, a fool most of all..... a perpetual beginner amazed and puzzled curious and captured tormented and calm trusting expression trusting carnal knowledge hopeful about craft learning to yield
Interests writing, poetics, narrative, music, dance, movement, reading, culture, training, learning ( right now: chess, poi, Norsk, rediscovering French, blogging.... ) family, my amazing son, guitar, physical culture, outdoors and being outdoors..... twilight, stillness...
Favorite Movies hmmm, thinking about this one..... probably a better approach would be kinds/types of movies.... I am a shameless and unapologetic Trekkie and will watch anything remotely related to any series any time; also like good sci-fi and fantasy;like musicals .... and if there is dance, bonus... another guilty pleasure; I like biography/history that has not been too romanticized; I like twisty and quirky... will also follow performers/artists rather than specific movies per se...
Favorite Music guitar, opera ( really!), just discovered Coldplay and like them.... ( hey, I am old, not dead), Pet Shop Boys ...and other truly tacky disco and dance bar music; Bowie and glam rock generally; most jazz and blues; U2, Sting/The Police, Beatles and Stones, Enigma, Eagles, Dire Straits, Supertramp, Chris de Burgh, Elvis Costello, Jesse Cook, Carlos Santana, Ray Charles, KD Laing, Sinead O'Connor, anything Irish.... anything; Carmina Burana; Bela Fleck; Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt; troubadors and balladeers, a cappela renditions; choirs; cello and viola; drums; rain, ocean, thunder... to be continued....
Favorite Books hmmm, more thinking... I like particular authors and how they take up particular subjects/topics;some favourite authors would be Jodi Picoult, Ann Patchett, Chris Bojalian; I like Lincoln and Child, John Connolly, Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, and T.Jefferson Parker; Lionel Schriver; Peter Robinson; Giles Blunt; Vonnegut and Robbins, of course; Margaret Laurence (The Diviners is still a haunting tale....), Robertson Davies; Timothy Findley (Pilgrim was amazing...) Carol Goodman; Dylan Thomas; Walt Whitman (Leaves of Grass), Rilke, Goethe, Dante, Umberto Eco, Kahlil Gibran; Taoism (esp. Lao-Tsu); anything Arthurian....; good SCI-FI and fantasy; just discovering Jim Crace, thanks to my amazing son...; theory, yes, really....Said, Kristeva, Freire, Pinar, Vygotsky, hooks, Merleau-Ponty, Lanigan, Laban, Foucault..... ok, I could go on... you get the picture... read with your eyes hanging open ( thanks to Dylan Thomas for that little piece of advice ) ... if you want to write, you gotta read...

what did I learn today... how will I use it? If you'd like to email me you can go to connomoonatgmaildotcom