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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Location Seattle, Washington
Introduction I am a self-taught artist. Born in Los Angeles in 1972. I have lived in Seattle since 1993. My work is an experiment in style, media, form, texture, color, perspective and theory. I create art like I cook - never using a recipe; I draw inspiration from the ingredients, my life experience and how the various pieces work together. And much like cooking, I create something in the moment. I'm inspired by innovation and love to challenge the norm. I believe that art, as is with life, is without limits. With each new piece, I am able to organically conceive and develop it in any way. I strive to continually evolve my work, using unconventional tools to paint with or moving the media around in some completely new method. I am fascinated by invention and technology and am completely drawn to nature in its most natural state. Painting is one of the many ways that I can express my connection to all things and create with wild abandon. As I move through my evolutionary path, my love, appreciation, joy and gratitude for life keeps expanding and growing. - J