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Occupation Jackette of all Trades
Location Astoria, New York
Introduction Erin is an enigmatic figure frequently scaling walls and saving endangered animals. She writes award-winning sonnets. She can peel an avocado using only the toes on her left foot. She knows the precise location of every item in the supermarket. She wows men worldwide with her lyrical and sensuous oboe playing. She turned down the Olympics. She sleeps once a week, and when she sleeps, Erin sleeps standing up. She can chat in Latin and Swahili. She is painfully honest and observant. Governments beg her to solve their problems; often, she refuses. She has superpowers, but doesnt like to gloat. She has swam with dolphins and spoken with Elvis. Erin holds membership in both MENSA and Tall People International. She likes long romantic walks on the beach, but prefers a roll in the hay. She doesnt beat around the bush and she is not sure silence is golden.