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Introduction Sunni Brown, M.P.A., is Owner and Principal of BrightSpot Information Design, a company specializing in visual thinking to support organizational and group success. BrightSpot operates on the principle that “information overload” is best managed by using visual language and the thoughtful design of information. Coupling text and presentation materials with graphics and visual architectures significantly enhances meaning, comprehension and memory. Sunni was trained in graphic recording and graphic facilitation at The Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based company that pioneered the use of visual tools in meetings and group processes. Sunni is currently an Associate of The Grove and an Associate of Momentum Leadership, a change-management consultancy. She is also co-Founder of VizThink Austin, currently the largest visual thinking community in the United States. Sunni holds Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Linguistics and a Master’s in Public Affairs from the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs in Austin, Texas. She lives in Austin. CONTACT: or 512.789.7668.
Interests BrightSpot’s services include: • Graphic Recording / Meeting Mapping • Graphic Facilitation • Customized Graphic Recording Training • Strategic Visioning • Agenda Design for Meetings • Design Charrettes for Products and Services • Infographic Production • Systems & Solutions Mapping • Concept and Graphic Design • Digital Cartooning & Illustrations