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Gender Female
Industry Student
Occupation Postsecondary scholar
Location Florida, United States
Introduction I'm a fiction writer and anthropologist, presently getting my M.S. in urban and regional planning. I'm a twentysomething, a refugee from corporate America finding sanctuary in the white towers of academia. I'm a child at heart, and I love playing with words. Hence, this blogger account that I've had since about the dawn of time. I fancy that I'm fairly interesting, but the decision is ultimately up to you. Also, I like lobsters. A lot. Not to eat, though. Just to hug. And put my glasses on. Can you tell?
Favorite Movies Finding Nemo, Garden State, But I'm A Cheerleader!, The Meaning Of Life, Shrek, Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, Princess Mononoke, Life Is Beautiful, Ponette, Labyrinth, Plan 9 From Outer Space
Favorite Music Dar Williams, Catie Curtis, Single Gun Theory, Hayley Westenra, Trout Fishing in America, Boa Kwan, Ayumi Hamasaki, hellogoodbye, Brad Brewer
Favorite Books Ender's Game series, Wicked, Clan Of The Cave Bear series, Awakening The Buddha Within, Wake Up I'm Fat!, Amalee, The Secret Life Of Bees, What Would Buddha Do?, The Hitchhiker Trilogy, Siddhartha

When you open your eyes underwater, do you ever worry that you'll drown?

I'm a Cancer. If I drowned (highly unlikely as I am a very good swimmer due to where I was raised), I'd be going home.