Oakmoss Changeling

About me

Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Perfumer, sculptor, writer, and botanist.
Location In The Forest, NM, United States
Interests Botany, bryophytes, clay, digital 3d art, folklore and fairytales, Slavic cuisine and culture, tree resins, martial arts, perfume.
Favorite Movies The Painted Veil, Princess Mononoke, Wolf Children, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Legends of the Fall
Favorite Music Fever Ray, Florence + The Machine, Valravn, Bjork, DakhaBrakha, 16 Horsepower
Favorite Books His Dark Materials, Deathless, The Orphan's Tales, The Wood Wife, In The Forest of Forgetting

When your science teacher smashed a frozen rose with a hammer, did you warm the petals to bring them back to life?

Yes, I would warm them with my hands until they returned to their former beauty... and then perhaps take the hammer to my science teacher.