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Occupation espionage
Location Los Angeles, California
Introduction I believe that the bible describes rules that only better a life. Not just spiritually but more so, practically. I believe that the bible is filled with principles that if followed lead to a fuller, richer life. I believe that those rules put into practice will benefit anyone, regardless who you think Jesus is or if you believe God is real. This blog is a series of conclusions I have come to from conversations and or books I've read about various topics... Life is not complicated, humanity is. most every right decision only requires common sense, however it is the abandonment of common sense that is the crux of our social divide. feel free to disagree with me, but if you do, please leave a comment. You can also reach me on Twitter: @heroicfools
Interests Politically incorrect discussion...honest answers... politics sociology theology philosophy

For those who have been e-mailing asking why this blog is called "Eat One Side and Grow Smaller"... I am a fan if irony and literature... The elephant is for the republican party. The title of this blog is a contrast of the choice we have as Americans, bigger government Democrats and smaller government Republicans...