About me

Location Barrow, AK, United States
Introduction My name is Dan Wall. I live in Barrow, AK, which is the heart of my claims to great Northyness. Just consider me the bearded cat-lady of the arctic.- - - - I used to be a Bilagáana, now I am a Tanik, but I’m no good in either event. I live to head-butt kittens, and my greatest accomplishment in life is probably an incident of projectile vomiting. (Don’t skoff! It was brilliant.) Mostly I teach for my food, but there was a brief period when I pushed puppies for a living (first pet’s free kids). I like spicy foods, foreign movies, and bad jokes. This blog has one theme and one thing only, whatever the Hell I feel like writing about at any given moment. That is all.
Interests Politics, Religion, History, Anthropology, Native American History
Favorite Movies Tampopo