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Introduction I could not survive without DVR. I currently have 4 DVR boxes in my house and I find that it's never enough. On occasion, you might find a post from me on a show I watched live, but that is very rare indeed. If you're looking for a show that I usually blog about and I haven't mentioned it within a day or two of its airing, by the end of the week, I will have usually caught up with everything. One confession, other than weight loss shows, you will not find any postings on reality TV from me. I much prefer scripted drama and comedies (although at this point dramedies are more my balliwick than normal comedies, with the exception of HIMYM and Big Bang, if I can ever catch up to the current season). Those who know me think it's strange that I watch most of my shows while standing up in my kitchen. Just a little insight into my life! Happy reading!