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Gender MALE
Industry Science
Occupation Neurosurgery Resident Physician
Location Columbia, Missouri, United States
Introduction My name is Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez (Abe) and I’m a very fortunate person. I was born in good health, I was raised by a loving family, I grew up in a safe community, I’ve always had adequate health care, and I’m one of the few people with access to higher education and medical training. I have been well fed, clothed, and sheltered my entire life, despite that I did nothing to deserve or choose my family. In contrast, billions of innocent people are born into starvation, poverty, disease, hatred, theft, violence, and war, even though they did nothing to deserve those horrible conditions. It is unfair that I have been given so much when so many are given so little, and this is why I truly believe it is my duty to catalyze positive, everlasting changes for our planet, by directly improving the lives of others. I hope to achieve this goal by devoting my life to improving the health of others using science, technology, and my hands, to surgically treat illnesses of the human nervous system. I am also devoted to sharing very important evidence and information which needs to be acknowledged, considered, and addressed by all of us. Together, we can make our planet a much better place.
Interests Science, Music, Neurosurgery, Peace, Love, Truth, Justice