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Gender Male
Industry Engineering
Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Introduction I got into cars before I was 4. By 11, I was doing burnouts... but I wanted to do more than hooning, so I went to my first HPDE in 2011 and was hooked. I came back a couple more times the year after. It was nowhere near enough. By 2016, I was racing with a local VW race team - Vantage Motorsports; a humble but very exciting 95 GTI SCCA IT-B spec car. By 2017, I was instructing high-performance driving. But living in Canada means there is no track for nearly 7 months out of the year during the track off-season so it still wasn't enough. I got myself a Mk5 VW Rabbit (Golf) and started rallycross last year. Enough is just never enough if you catch the bug and I am severely inflicted.
Interests Cars, engineering, racing, motorsports, rallycross, track days, lapping days, HPDE, driving, time attack, time trial, writing, coaching, video.