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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Occupation janitor
Location Nova Scotia, Canada
Introduction Back in university as I was taking classes in economics I began to wonder, "if the forces that drive the economy are so easy to understand, why is there such a high level of unemployment here in Nova Scotia?" I could not figure out a satisfactory answer to this question until 1994 when Mr. Terriault from Digby Neck introduced me to a publication that filled in the missing pieces to the puzzle. They say that knowledge is power, and Peter Paker's uncle said that with power comes great responsibility. I am hoping to run for public office in the next provincial election. I already campaigned for the office of Municipal Councillor and I so enjoyed campaigning that I plan to get back out there on the trail soon!
Interests My family, politics, theology, economics, computers, writing, the internet, chess, some sports and message boards.
Favorite Movies I just saw The '60's> last week, it was very good. Everybody should see Patch Adams, as a matter of fact I think that Robin Williams should run for President. Don't let the zany exterior fool you, I believe that he would make an exceptional political leader. Incidentally, I personally like President Bush a great deal. I can honestly state that he is my favourite President since Mr. Reagan but he should not have forced Jews to leave the settlements!!!
Favorite Music At this moment I am listening to a CD entitled Adonai. This is Messianic Jewish Music and in my opinion it is exeptional.
Favorite Books When I was a kid I read just about everything by Leon Uris, pretty much everything by Mr. Herbert Armstrong and Garner Ted. I also loved the Destroyer series created by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy, hilarious! Isaiah is perhaps my favourite book of the Bible but Zechariah is right up there as well.

You're in the grocery store with a broken cart. How will you ever be that hungry?

I've seen real poverty while teaching English in Ecuador. Back in 2007 lots of people in the USA who were doing really well had no idea that within two years they would be homeless.