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Occupation Own and manage homes for rent to support my activism
Location near Lawrence, Kansas, United States
Introduction As an author and activist for animal rights, environmental protection, and world peace since the '70's, I have helped establish activist organizations for adults and children over the years. I became vegetarian in the '70's and then vegan after I learned about the cruelty involved in dairy and eggs. Some current projects interfaithvegancoalition.org; ; . veganspirituality.com; circleofcompassion.org; and the Prayer Circle for Animals Facebook. In 2014, I received the "Henry Spira Grassroots Animal Activist Award for outstanding contribution to animal liberation."
Interests Animal rights, veganism, worldl peace, healing the earth, spirituality, my grandkids and kids, kayaking, camping, wilderness, photography, providing sanctuary for wildlife on my 10 acres, being as kind to the earth and animals as possible, running vehicles on used veggie oil, solar power for the house and electric car, a veganic garden, a zero emission rocket stove to heat the house, etc.
Favorite Movies I just watched Free Birds with my grandkids. It's about turkeys joining forces so that they will never be eaten for Thanksgiving. Wow. Love it. Also Tribe of Heart's Peaceable Kingdom and The Witness, Mad Cowboy.
Favorite Music Paul Seymour's "Maybe JC Was a Vegetarian, " his other animal rights songs, Will Tuttle's piano music, and Daniel Redwood's "Songs for Animals, People, and the Earth, " also lots of songs about love for friends and family and songs that make us laugh.
Favorite Books Will Tuttle's World Peace Diet, all Norm Phelp's books, An Unnatural Order, all Jeffrey Masson's books, Elephants on the Edge, Dominion, all Karen Davis's books, all books that carry us forward to a time when we can all live in the peaceable kingdom without violence and with reverence for all life.