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Gender Female
Industry Arts
Occupation Quilter/Photographer
Location OK, United States
Introduction I am one of the many of a growing community of lovers of thread and needle and fabric....and cookies. I made my first quilt when I was pregnant with my first child who is now 29 years old. I had no experience with making a quilt. I just cut out the fabric and sewed it back together. Unforutnately that quilt is long gone. But the memory of me making it and not knowing a thing about what I was doing~will stay with me forever.
Interests Quilting, Photography, Machine Embroidery, Golf, LasVegas, Aprons
Favorite Movies Alot of the stuff being made today is just total junk. Not to say that there aren't some surprises now and then BUT I really love old movies. B&W ones mostly.
Favorite Music Music is a funny wonderful thing. My tastes tend to run toward the more mellow stuff. When I was a kid I used to like "elevator music" and I still do. But I do love a good husband can play and sing. I think thats darn cool! Music most definately is tied to our memories. Try listening to an old song and see what happens. What do YOU remember? I love the feel good kinda music..If it makes ya want to sing along~then I'm there! (Not that I can sing that great....but So what?!)
Favorite Books I read all kinds of stuff. But here of late its quilting books and photography manuals. But I do pick up a book every now and then for fun. Me and my daughter Maggie just finished InkHeart and are starting InkSpell. Lovely fun to read with your children. Makes them smart, And you too!