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Industry Student
Occupation Nursery Worker / Babysitter
Location Smallville, Kansas, United States
Introduction I am me. :) Can't change me, don't try.
Interests Interests? I'm interested in a lot of things. Will I ever actually pursue any of them? No. But if you would still really like to know.... I'm interested in soccer, track, bracelet making, tshirt designing, acting, scrapbooking, driving, graphic design, veterinarian school, superheroism, writing, teaching and last but not least, (this one I will legitly follow up on), loving, serving and honoring God in all I say, do, and write ... Hopefully!
Favorite Movies Choosing favorite movies?? This is hard. I'm not a chick flick kinda girl. I like movies like "Live Free or Die Hard", "Red", "The Untouchables", "Taken", "Edge of Darkness".... I can handle the occasional touchy feely movie... But not really. I LOVE Disney movies.. LION KING ALL THE WAY!! :) I hate the notebook... Sappy. Cheesy. Lame. ...
Favorite Music I could talk about music forever!! I listen to it all. From bluegrass (AKUS, BGMO, Rhonda Vincent and the Rage, and Blue Highway!) to Rap (Lecrae, Eminem, Nicki Minaj and Tedashii). I like country a lot. JOSH TURNER, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, and of course, Taylor Swift! I can't handle screamo, jazz, classical, or much orchestral. I need lyrics to sing to, a good beat and some awesome friends to dance with! I listen to Pop stuff as well. Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Bruno Mars, B.O.B, Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber!
Favorite Books I'm a total book nerd. Ted Dekker. Everyone needs a good, twisted, mystery every now and then!! Sarah Dessen. Making love work. Getting through tough times. That lady's got it down! Plus she always comes up with good names for her characters. ... I like series. The mediator. Ghosts! Twilight. Vampires! Eragon. Dragons! ... I'm totally into the whole.. Mythical thing. I think that stuff is cool. However. Even though I don't like sappy movies, I'm a sucker for a good book that will make me cry. Nicholas Sparks. .. *sigh* I cry in like all his books. :) last song. A walk to remember. The wedding. ... Love them!!

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Dirt + Water = Mud. So logically the equation for clay is Crayon + Water + Play Doh = Clay! Crayon for color. Water for consistency. Play Doh for malleability! BOOM. :) win.