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Gender Female
Location Madison, WI
Introduction Fan of Pinterest, lover of books, and firm on opinions, I have been blogging for nearly 20 years. But I have now decided to give my kids pseudonyms to protect their identities as many are adults with their own lives. This should also allow me to share more of what may interest readers, rather than simply venting. We shall see!
Interests Finding cures for diseases; national, socialized health care; legalization of pot; trying to get my house and keep it that way without having to coerce my kids into doing what they refuse to do; wondering what happens after death; reading lots and lots.
Favorite Movies Royal Tennebaums or any Wes Anderson film, disaster flicks, comedies with Will Arnett or David Cross
Favorite Music Decemberists, REM, Matchbox Twenty, Cheap Trick, Queen
Favorite Books Too many to list!

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

same way as the 'g' in my houseplant Ghill, which is pronounced like PHIL, as the 'GH' is the same as in enouGH.