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Industry Education
Location United States
Introduction My Christianity is what defines me the most. While I am not always the Christian I desire to be, God is always number one in my life. I have an amazing husband, and beautiful daughter. My family rocks. I <3 my dog. Here are some of the things that make my heart happy ~ hearing my daughter giggle, Christmas, Thanksgiving, giving presents, autumn, the smell of cinnamon, burning candles, warm sugar cookies, a brand new box of crayons, the smell of a brand new book, thunderstorms, lightning bugs twinkling in the summer, full moons, my wonderful family, snowfalls, warm mittens, funky socks, good coffee (hot and cold... especially a Caribou Coffee HoHo Mint Mocha w/ extra peppermint),flowers, sitting in a cozy chair and being completely absorbed in a good book, perfume, donna sharp purses, towels out of the dryer, summer skies full of stars, being wrapped in my husband's massive arms, quilts, lights on the Christmas tree sparkling through spun glass ornaments, having my fuzzy pomeranian give me kisses with his warm tongue, quilts, knowing that i have an eternity with my family in heaven, being forgiven, and being saved... I have a fun, bubbly personality. Enjoy.
Interests Being a mom, my husband, my family, my dog, exercising, baking, crafting, music, teaching, reading, jewelry (especially glass), finding good deals on cute things
Favorite Movies Any good chick flick or something that can make me laugh.
Favorite Music Nothing too extreme. My mood changes between country, classical, R&B, some Kenny G, Michael Buble, Sarah McGlaghlan, 90's, and many others. I'm not a fan of hard rock, punk, techno, grunge, etc.... The extreme stuff is not my cup of tea.
Favorite Books The Bible, Maeve Binchy, Harry Potter, and any other good book I can get my hands on