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Introduction Hi my name is Amy, ok my full Vampire name is: Lady Amelia Mistress of the Night Mare but I prefer to shorten mine to Amy Mah (Vampire) or just Amy to my friends. For those who do not know me I should point out that I used to be a feral vamp living in the outside world raised by humans until I was discovered and adopted into Vampire society. In the human world life was very difficult for me, I knew I needed blood but did not know how to get it, all I had was human books and films telling all kinds of stuff that was useless like I can change into a bat, and that is so not true as I tried it and all it does is make you look stupid as you flap your arms up and down! It was while living with humans I started writing my own little journal, recording what it is like being a teenage vampire, want to know more? well I now have two books out: FANGS RULE and VAMPIRE and you can see these at my website
Interests Biting People, Vampire, Undead, Blood, vampyre, Claws, fangs, Night, Vampires, Amime, Manga, Chocolate
Favorite Movies Blood the last Vampire
Favorite Books Fangs Rule, Vampire, Smoking Hot, Bad Hair Day, Nightlife, Blachart, Demonspawn, Dead Beckoning