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Introduction I am mentally challenged by Calculus and other transcendal functions. I know Calculus very well; so well that I did not bother studying for it. And that is how I failed it. Unlike popular belief, I am not a particularly gifted mathematician, so instead took up philosophy. I am easily intrigued by almost anything; from history to science. Science especially...history I don't care about. I like to play lazy games that supposedly stretch brain muscles; Chess, Chinese Chess, Sudoku, Risk, Age of Empires, StrongHold blah. I question everything and annoyingly accept nothing without a baseless argument. I love to read anything to everything, from kindergarten poems to research papers on Schrodinger's wave mechanics. I am also the founder and CEO of Microsoft. ummm, other than that, I am just a regular stream of binary data over the net.
Interests Everything intrigues me; Mathematics, Science, Computers, Technology, Economics, Business, Art, Politics, Religion, Books, etc.
Favorite Books - The Art of War - The E-Myth - The Prince - The Purple Cow - All Marketers are Liars - On War - A Brief History of Time - The Elegant Universe - The Singularity is Near - Hackers and Painters - Hamlet - Introduction to Buddhism - The Communist Manifesto - Jurassic Park - Multivariable Calculus - The Origin of Species - The Corporation - Cosmic Time Travel - Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking - The Tipping Point - Why We Buy - Freakonomics - 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities of Our Time - 33 Strategies of War