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Introduction Welcome! Greetings, Mauri and Talofa! I'm Jane Resture and I was born in Hull Island (Orona), Phoenix Group, Republic of Kiribati. My father is Polynesian of Tuvaluan/English/French extraction and my mother is Micronesian from Onotoa, one of the atolls of the Republic of Kiribati, as well as the Caroline Islands. They have now made the Solomon Islands (Melanesia) their home. I travelled extensively throughout the islands of Oceania when I was very young and I developed a deep appreciation and love for our unique, sensitive and beautiful Pacific Ocean. I welcome the opportunity to share with you all our thoughts on this beautiful, cultured and traditional part of the world. For the last few years, I have been living on the beautiful Australian Gold Coast. For further information, please visit my personal page for a brief outline... http://www.janeresture.com/jane/index.htm
Interests First and foremost, my fundamental interests is the enchanting world of life's many colours! Reading biographies and surrounding myself with interesting, creative, unselfish, honest, happy and positive people; gardening: plants of all kinds with wonderful scents and colours; I love everything about the beach, the sand, surf and the sea; the sky and all the friendly animals and birds - and those who share in this interest; making, sharing and collecting wonderful pieces of fine, rare and antique jewellery based on beautiful natural pearls. I'm especially attracted to the South Sea (Broome, Australia) white, round pearls along with the irresistible Tahitian black pearls, sparkling white diamonds, natural gems of all colours and the Swarovski crystals; design, create (and sharing) interesting and stand-out tailored women's clothes and shoes made from natural fibres ... My favourite colours are variations of colours red, pink, white, green, blue (ice-blue/storm-blue/blue-green/indigo), autumn yellow-orange-brown, and black in that order hence my love for ruby, garnet and red coral; amethyst; diamond, white, natural pearls and crystals; emerald and green jade; topaz, opal, the stunning and irresistible turquoise; citrine and the Tahitian black pearls, black/black-blue sapphire and onyx... I love the smell, colour and taste of good and delicously-baked food complemented by the aromatic, tempting and lingering taste of freshly-made coffee (latte)... I love good fresh soap and, for me, nothing compares to the scent of my freshly-opened packet of green palmolive soap, the delicate and sweet scent of my favourite all-over body powder, lotion and perfume from Paris, France. Life is beautiful to wake up fresh each day, go for a walk, smell the fresh sea air, freshly-mowed grass and just quietly enjoy the cool surroundings; listen to the birds singing, touch and smell the flowers - and embrace the heavenly colours of the rainbow! Hopefully I haven't missed anything ..:-)
Favorite Movies 'Taxi Driver' starring Robert de Niro and Jodie Foster (two of my all time favourite actors) along with all 'The Godfather' movies starring my other favourite actors: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and, of course, Robert De Niro ... My other favourite movie is 'From Here to Eternity' - and all the actors who performed in this great movie, some of whom are: Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reid and Ernest Borgnine, etc.
Favorite Music The beautiful music featured on my/our Pacific Islands Radio: http://www.pacificislandsradio.com/index.htm
Favorite Books 'Gods Who Die' by George Westbrook, about life in Oceania/the Pacific Islands in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries - and much more. The book was inspired greatly by my dear great grandfather's (Alfred Restieaux) life and times in mainly Oceania (Australia and the Pacific Islands) as well as his travels in South and North America, Hawaii ... you are most welcome to visit and check out Alfred Restieaux's Manuscripts at the following URLs: http://www.janeresture.com/ar11.htm http://www.janeresture.com/ar3.htm