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Gender MALE
Industry Engineering
Occupation Professional student
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I'm a prairie boy livin' it up in the big city. Back in my day, we didn't have all this high tech mumbo jumbo. Essays were hand written. Spell checking involved a dictionary. Research meant actually reading some books. Math was done by hand. The line of best fit required a ruler and graph paper. A computer meant looking at green text. A mouse meant that you needed to get a cat. Music on a computer involved single tone beeps. Pictures could be held. Porn only came on paper (or in the bedroom). Talking to someone didn't involve using your fingers jamming buttons.
Interests Indoor and beach volleyball, rollerblading, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, running, ice skating, curling, basketball, white water rafting, dragon boating, table tennis, indoor rock climbing, TV, movies, video and computer games, cats
Favorite Movies Aladdin, American Pie, Armageddon, Back to the Future Trilogy, Braveheart, Cruel Intentions, The Fifth Element, Gladiator, Lion King, The Matrix, Pay it Forward, Romeo+Juliet, Shrek, The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Unbreakable, Weird Science
Favorite Music Mostly pop, but not really mainstream. That's kinda contradictory isn't it? I listen to a decent amount of Canuck, Brit, and Aussie pop to add to my repertoire of the typical American stuff. Also borderline-pop (rock-pop, r&b-pop, country-pop)
Favorite Books The Life of Pi, Harry Potter :p