Gnemo's Mission

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation traveling naturalist & artist
Introduction I was no one in this world. There was nothing to document me. All I had was my art and a great hope to one-day have my work seen. I came from a great distance to America with that singular desire. Desperate days issued and I came close to losing all hope but then I met an artist named Tom Kidd. He took me in as his assistant. He offered his guesthouse to live in and his studio to work in. With time, he even got some of my work published. Sadly I had to leave on important matters I could not ignore. When I left I bequeathed to Tom my few possessions, my art, my journals and my sketchbooks filled with all I had seen in my world travels. I’ve asked him to continue on producing paintings based on the drawings I’ve done. Tom has generously accepted this undertaking and has also promised me he will see to it that it will all be published.