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Introduction A fashionista who loves nothing more than to dress up and write about it.
Interests Runway trends, inspiration from stylish New Yorkers, taking cues from the runway in my everyday wear, tracking what I wear to create go-to outfits for given occasions, scoring great clothing finds at thrift stores, successfully targeting my clothing needs in order to maximize my wardrobe, putting to great use the vintage clothes my Grandma gave me, gaining outfit coordination inspiration from editorials, learning the names of fashion writers, PR mavericks, and stylists in the business, getting to know the actual writers, PR mavericks, and stylists in the business, building my collection of heels and clutches (you can never have enough!), inexpensive jewelry that looks expensive, fashionable solutions to daily demands, creatively partaking in styling projects, covering shows for Fashion Week for, only wearing shoes I can walk in, dressing sexy but classy, always opting for taste, remaining open to other’s fashion practices, learning from other's fashion practices, wearing what makes me feel good in that moment, dressing for myself and for others at the same time, enjoying the creative process that takes place in front of my closest each morning, learning what my colors are, learning what your colors are, buying clothes I will actually wear, wearing the clothes I haven't worn yet, placing financial stability before any clothing purchases, learning what is important to buy expensive and what is ok to buy cheap, building well-fitted staples to wear for a lifetime, asking someone, “Are those Dior?” and they actually are, looking through magazines and knowing who the designers are without looking them up, knowing I like a designer this season, but not as much this other season, writing about what I love most: fashion, having people read my blog and pick up useful tips to help them enjoy fashion more, doing the work for you when it comes to clothing, but mainly, my interest is to: Dress Up. Write Down.
Favorite Movies The fashion in Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst is pretty amazing. And, although the Captain chose to marry Maria in the Sound of Music, I think he missed out on a pretty stylish dame when he said good bye to Elsa Schraeder. Loved Cher's 90's preppy meets sexy style in Clueless, especially the knee high leg wear.
Favorite Music If I were a fashion designer, I would send my models down the runway while playing "Erase and Rewind" by The Cardigans. Best album to get dressed up to is Love.Angel.Music.Baby. by Gwen Stefani.
Favorite Books Every girl needs to own “What to Wear, Where” by Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power. Consider it your wardrobe Bible.

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

She will leave to go shopping after I tell her where I bought my shoes and for how much.