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Introduction I started baking in the first grade making cookies for my family. When I became the wife of the most wonderful man that God could have ever blessed me with, I found that he would not accept store bought cakes, cookies, or really even canned goods. So I had to up my skills! I started making breads, brownies, cookies, and all kinds of confections. Then one day I decided that I would take it a little farther and read a few books on how to decorate my sweets to make them a little more fun for my loved ones. As I started I felt like I found my "talent" from the Lord. I say that baking and decorating cakes is a spiritual experience. It is time to just spend with my Lord and Savior. It makes me tear up a little to think about it... and how great it makes me feel when I get to share it with others! I hope you all enjoy Katie's Cakes. Just know that God does it all, I am just a vessel and I can not do any of this with out Him who made me able. Thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and also for your orders ;)