"Litel" Lowys

About me

Gender MALE
Industry Student
Location Kizzent, United Kingdom
Introduction I be just a yonge fellow trying to find some mirth. // Exboxe CCCLX gamere - currentlie pleyinge: Crecy: Knight Commander (4 EVER!) / C Yeeres of War / Auncient Scrolles: Obfuscacioun / Thomas de Chancey's Ghost Knightes: Werre in Pruce. I2()|<|<3!
Interests gaming, phat beats, dicing, pwning Dad at Auriole, reading FHM (fabliaux et histoires magazine), ryot and disport, punk, chillaxing, antifraternal graffiti, NOT astrolables or N E thing to do with them seriously ZOMG do NOT talk to me about astrolables and miridians and all that mizzerde!
Favorite Movies That trype 'Lionheart' wyth Eric de Stolts alwey warmeth my heart bycause it is so rank.
Favorite Music Myn Alchemical Romaunt, L Shilling, Scrope Dogg, Old Skool
Favorite Books NOT BEOTHIUS

Come up with some possible band names for your group that features a washboard and a styrofoam tuba.

That sounds like sum of that mystery processioun stuff. Al lyk 'the washboarderes guild presenteth the bathing of Susanna' or sum swich thing. LOlz!