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Location Kerala, India
Introduction about myself...hmmm.....I'm basically a homebody..I live in a tiny corner of Kerala, God's Own Country...I love cooking and trying out new recipes....what i love most is sharing recipes with other people....I love the fact that a lot of my friends and family call me up on a regular basis asking for a new recipe.....this blog is my attempt to share some of the stuff i make with they can also enjoy the happiness of cooking.....
Interests let's see..i'm a full time mother of 3 kids...that activity kind of covers the whole story of my life....then what....a voracious reader, i squeeze in at least 2 hours of reading into my daily grind, i'm passionate about to try out new recipes i inevitably end up eating most of my creations too!!(haha) web surfing, chatting and making new friends online and of course, being the perfect little wife!!
Favorite Movies father of the bride (1&2) Cheeni Kum baby's day out it happened one night bombay monsoon wedding harry potter movies
Favorite Music i'm a fan of all kinds of music, except for heavy metal or hard rock.i prefer songs with a nice beat.jazz, pop, karnatic, hindi, malayalam, tamil, english, anything goes...i just need to have music flowing around me all the time!!it's the background of my life..whatever i do, reading writing, cooking, driving, cleaning up, bathing the kids...i MUST have my music!!
Favorite Books one night@the call centre.. one flew over the cuckoo's nest harry potter!!all of them!! all agatha christie books..and mary higgins clark..wilbur smith, micheal chrichton, jackie collins, these are also some of my fav authors

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

yes of course...they were invented by some destructive little kid who was fed up of spooning food and wanted to poke at his food!!!