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Introduction I am an enormous food lover. My obsession with food started at whatever age I was first given solid food and it has been a gluttonous, calorie laden journey ever since. I have traveled a decent amount in my 27 years and have documented just about every meal I’ve eaten around the world. I am married to a wonderful fella, Dan and, we have the cutest little dog child Lulu. Due to his job in the Army we have found ourselves in Germany for the time being. I plan on using our time here to try as many new foods as possible! He is not quite as interested in food as I am but he loves to eat and I love feeding him, and anyone else for that matter! Through this new fangled blog world I hope to pass on some foodie inspiration (even if you hate to cook), recipes, and my adventures in life and food. Stick around for a bit, and lets be gluttons together!