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Industry Internet
Occupation NMP Engineer
Location Centreville, Virginia, United States
Introduction If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch You must first invent the universe
Interests bacon salt, flying planes, nursing, !parenting, a-line, alan moore, alex cox, aliens, apple martinis, asian things, audry tautou, autoX, baggy pants, bourbon, brazil, bruce campbell, buddhism, cars, chan-wook park, chaos math, cheese, chinese history, coffee, comic books, cowbell, dogs in bee costumes, drag queens, ducks, factory records, fairy tales, fashion, fish, flip flops, genmaicha, germany, goa parties, healthy butts (shake it!), hipbones, history, honesty, hong kong, hong kong gun flicks, hoodies, japanese musicals, jean-pierre jeunet, kissing, kung fu, linda evangelista, making out, manchester, manchu hairstyles, microraptor gui, neil gaiman, nerds, new york, nice one brothah!, nick hornby, ninjas, parker posey, photography, photosynthesis, physics, psychology, psychiatry, platypi, poison clan, porn, puppies, racing, rally racing, raptors, raves, rock climbing, rubber duckies, sarah silverman, sarcasm, sauciness, science fiction, scuba diving, shoes, silliness, single malt scotch, skiing, snozzberries, stealth butts, snuggling, soccer, social libertarianism, sofia coppola, spicy food, spooning, sterility, sti, takashi miike, tall guys, tattoos, tea, travel, war films, wine, wrc, wrx, ww2, yum cha, zach braff, zombies
Favorite Movies District 9, The Dark Knight, The Machine Girl, grindhouse, the anniversary party, slither, delicatessen, 24 hour party people, lost in translation, the 300, children of men, pan's labrynth, save the green planet, god of cookery, the royal tennenbaums, infernal affairs, human traffic, old boy, five Deadly Venoms, lady vengeance, battle royale, the godfather, kill bill, motorcycle diaries, amelie, shaun of the dead, sin city, grandmas boy, save the green planet, the host, ichi the killer, super troopers, the happiness of the katakuris, nightwatch, resevior dogs, spiceworld, anything bollywood!
Favorite Music Miss Kittin, Parts & Labor, Juno Reactor, duffy, vanessa paradis, torche, the sword, boris, M.I.A., Fuck Buttons, daft punk, vitalic, stiff little fingers, tom waits, thom yorke, malka spigel, the swans, aphex twin, billy bragg, the birthday party, brian eno, caribou, the church, coil, a place to bury strangers, dead kennedys, gogol bordello, fridge, four tet, godspeed you black emperor, iggy pop, jesu, the jesus and mary chain, joy division, pixies, portishead, the stooges, 80s music, feist, air, bjork, boards of canada, dead hollywood stars, dj dan, dj krush, dj shadow, dj spooky, drum and bass, goa trance, goldfrapp, happy mondays, hip hop, johnny cash, infected mushroom, koxbox, ladytron, lamb, massive attack, my bloody valentine, miss kittin, dee-lite, cop shoot cop, firewater, legendary pink dots, mr scruff, mu-ziq, múm, nightmares on wax, oforia, prefuse73, psytrance, radiohead, scratch djs, shpongle, skinny puppy, speedy j, the cure, the smiths, the spice girls, tricky, The Beastie Boys, trip hop, white zombie, rob zombie, tino, githead, wire, The Melvins, Panjabi MC, etc...
Favorite Books Red Mars, choke, world war z, nightwatch, daywatch, hyperion, dune, the baroque cycle, hyperion, endymion, invisible monsters, etc.. I read way too much to remember every book I like