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Industry Technology
Location santa monica, California, United States
Introduction I love my husband because he’s kind of a dick. But he’s soft with me and his lip quivered at our wedding. I love my daughters. They’re brilliant and funny, and I’m here to kick down mountains that get in their way. I’m a vegan, and all is right in my world because of it. I can still beat the neighborhood in HORSE because I have a bad-ass set shot. Justice is served well through fair food, and scarcity would be a myth if we shared more, damn. Yo soy una mezcla which leaves me mixed up sometimes. My commute bike’s name is Loops and she’s my favorite kind of car. I wish I had written Chronicle of a Death Foretold. I’ve endured 54 hours of tattoo work. But above all, I fiercely believe in the underdog.
Interests veganism, riding my bike, literary fiction, raw food, patio farming, sweaty salsa dancing, raw food preppin', college hoops, vigilant and nurturing motherhood, pugs, rescue kitties, finding a balance between coffee and raw foods, standing up and helping out
Favorite Movies Sin Nombre, Time of the Gypsies, Sholin Soccer, Raise the Red Lantern, Malcolm X, Kung Fu Hussle, Super Size Me, Ju Dou, Smoke Signals, Coal Miner's Daughter
Favorite Books Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Dharma Bums, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands, In the Name of Solome, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Way We Eat Why Our Food Choices Matter