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Location Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Introduction I am an architectural and structural design drafter by trade. I do contract work from home and run development and support groups for local attachment minded families and local diaper free families. I am passionate about at home learning and not institutionalising and industrialising my child. I am wife to The Carpenter and mother to The Smiler. I am home provider to a dog, Daisy (a puggle) and four cats, Flipside, Miss Riot, Turtle and Sonja. I enjoy long walks (summer), avoiding -40 temperatures (winter), ice cream and other dairy, yelling at the television, laughing 'til my cheeks hurt, playing with my son, avoiding helping with home renovation projects, arguing about said projects and making up after said arguments, keeping stuff I don't really need in boxes in the basement and complaining about how much room they take up, threatening yard sales that will never happen, noticing things wrong with strangers' houses as I walk by, coffee and coffee products, home decor, writing, collecting old photos, Edward Gorey, dark chocolate, drinking cold beverages from mugs, collecting clocks to my husband's dismay, art, bummin' around and music of all varieties, among other things.