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Occupation MOM
Location Southwest, Virginia, United States
Introduction I'm a 28 year old graduate of a college in SW Virginia (I'm not telling you which one, you dirty stalker!). I have my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Elem. educ.) and I am not teaching right now. I get to be a mom to my precious baby boys full time. I've been married for 7 years to Alan and he's awesome. I love my fam (see interests), my friends, and my life. I'm a Christian but not an icky judgemental, legalistic one. At least I don't think so. =) I've lived in California, Texas, and Virginia. I currently live in Virginia and I really enjoy it.
Interests My baby boys, my husband, my family (I have three awesome lil sisters who are my best friends and of course my parents are incredible), hanging out with friends (a LOT of whom are pregnant right now), Young Life, tennis, church stuff sometimes, and girls weekends and nights out were a fave before baby Jackson came along. He caused me to cut back on the mixed drinks! ;-)
Favorite Movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, My Best Friend's Wedding, Love Actually, LOTR trilogy, Harry Potter movies, Narnia I'm more into tv lately: Scrubs, Arrested Development (on DVD since it was canceled =(), Boston Legal, LOST, The Office, Studio 60 on the Sunset Blvd, 30 Rock, SATC reruns, etc.
Favorite Music Ooh, want me to impress you with all the obscure Indie and Emo bands I listen to? No, I think I won't. But dang I listen to cool music.
Favorite Books Walker's Point, The Bible, Harry Potter series, anything Francine Rivers, Velvet Elvis, Twilight series, Sookie Stackhouse series, Blue Like Jazz, C.S. Lewis stuff...I'm such a bookworm.