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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Mum of all trades
Location United Kingdom
Introduction The story of a slightly mad slummy mummy from central Scotland. Always trying my best but not always getting there! Married to S for a long time. I am mum to L who is 9 and H who is 6. Started writing this at the request of a friend and on that note, any similarities to anyone living or dead are purely coincidental....not! List of main characters 'S' - My Hubby, 'L' - Daughter 9 going on 19, 'H' - Son 6 (wee scone), 'J' - My oldest friend and namesake, 'I' - My mad, dancing teacher friend, 'A' - My super organised PSC buddy, 'E' - fellow food coop sufferer, 'N' - my fabulous baking friend and numerous others who for obvious reasons will remain anonymous.....