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Industry Real Estate
Occupation Realtor
Location Omaha, NE, United States
Introduction Welcome to the rants of! Realtor by day, anonymous web blogger by night. This is my personal web blog for my warped sense of humor and things that go bump in the night. Lately, I’m into cartooning, as you can see by pics. I have a great sense of humor and LOVE to make fun of myself. This site is just the daily happening in my life. As for some background on me, I’ve been happily married for 5+ years. I waited a long time to find him and I like to humorously remind him that that it's a good thing that we didn't meet earlier cuz I wouldn't have put up with his "stuff". GRIN! Fortunately, he is a terrific guy with a fabulous sense of humor, too. We have two adorable four-legged kids: Llana, our 6yr old Bichon and Marble, our 2yr old Bichon/Poodle mix. Anne, our 17 year old Yorkie passed away 8/31/07. As for something interesting about me, I donated my left kidney to my cousin on 12/7/07. I went through three months of medical tests and was approved to be her donor July 2007. What a cool experience that was. I just wish I had another kidney to donate as a living organ donor. Tell me something interesting about you!
Interests Laughter and sarcastic humor, animal lover and owner of two rescue dogs, organ donation, blogging, spending time with husband, family and friends while enjoying good times, good food and good wine. And LOTS of laughs!
Favorite Movies Robert Ludlam movies, The Long Kiss Goodnight, As Good as It Gets, Guarding Tess, anything sci fi or mystery/espionage. But, its GOTTA have a plot.
Favorite Music One of my favorites right now is local artist, Chris Saab. I like Frank Sinatra, Pink, Tobey Keith, lots of eclectic music and pretty much anything with a beat.
Favorite Books Any Robert Ludlam book, Darwin Awards

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

What's with these STUPID questions? Where are the good questions? And, why can't we add our own question, worthy ones like: "If a man speaks in the forest with no woman present, is he still wrong?"