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Introduction B-Gifted is a non-profit philanthropic organization based in Sierra Leone, registered under the National Youth Commission of Sierra Leone, and the Ministry of social Welfare, Gender and Children's affairs in Sierra Leone. It has survived as a result of the leadership ability of the foundation to maintain and enhance it. Our mission is to address human rights, enhance peace and development through the incredible tools of creative approaches and technology. Our goal is to encourage these young people, who have been impacted by war and its effects to use their God-given gift and pursue excellence in innovative use of technology and creative arenas such as music, arts, that have the potential to influence a mass audience positively.
Interests B-Gifted Foundation Believes that Peace Building and Human rights, democratic values and development can be promoted and fostered through creativity and innovative means. B-Gifted believes in the aspect of creative expressions and the power of words to heal wounds and mend hearts as well as the power of friendship as the driving force of hope, love and peace in our entangled world of violence and terror. But we can surmount these through peaceful means and creative approaches to non-violence.
Favorite Movies We invite International Artist to help raise support on behalf of our cause, as well as provide opportunities for innovative use of technology. B-gifted views events from a global perspective, as it works to support activities in Sierra Leone that brings long-term benefit in development to people and society that have been ravaged by war. B-gifted identifies issues in a wide-range of creative areas in line with needs of the time, including arts, education and culture, grants for research, Innovative Technology, human development, human rights, human and natural environment. B-Gifted is supported by contributions from foundations, corporations, and by grants from international organizations. It offers supports on research and publications on a broad range of issues including the problems of child soldiers in African wars.
Favorite Music B-Gifted also strives to address human rights, enhance peace and development. B-Gifted also seeks to address the underlying causes of poverty health and inequity in Sierra Leone. B-Gifted foundation. There is a special gift in giving out your skills and time to children and youth in Sierra Leone who need to catch along with the rest of the world, there is a special gift of seeing them empowered with the tools and skills to fight ignorance, poverty and many social problems, there is a special gift to see that what is offered is truly transforming lives, and bringing joy, hope and growth. There is a special gift in giving out the tools that is needed to change young people’s lives positively. Imagine if they are left behind in this fast moving age of technology; imagine how the entire country will be in standstill in social and economic growth. Imagine that in giving and sharing this gift, you are harnessing the potentials of the young and passing it on to a generation that needs it most. Imaging that in this age guns are no gift for children. Now stop imagining and know that it is real and challenging, but it will surely happen when we act along side our imagination.