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Introduction I’m just lil ol’ Carmen The Bronx Zoo Cobra! Even before my newfound celebrity status, I was quite the charmer here at the Bronx Zoo. Think of me as “the problem solver.” I’m the one my other roomies come to when they have issues which require a speedy resolution. (I’ve got clout cuz I’m close to Mayor Bloomie…go figure!) We consider ourselves “guests” here cuz we get 3 or more squares a day, free cable and free dental and medical insurance! Plus, we make you Humans spend hard cold cash just to be in our midst! It’s a wonderful life! Now, about all this “escaped from the Bronx Zoo” madness: Lemme give you the real 411! See, being the go-getter kinda girlie snake that I am n all, I like to let my hair down every now and again. For me, that means a night of trawling on the NY town. I rig a dummy on my pillow and sneak out whenever I want. But here’s the thing: You Humans can be kinda invasive, know what I mean? So I gotta be on my P’s and Q’s at all times. But this time, I really didn’t sneak out! Scouts honor! I was quietly tucked away reading a copy of that great ebook, Desperate Desires by Terri Wolffe. Lemme tell ya, it’s hot! I just forgot to rig my pillow with my dummy snake!
Interests I love mice (prefer the chocolate kind), Starbucks lattes and blueberry skones, Skyy Vodka, Apple Martinis, Central Park, my friends here at the Bronx Zoo, love the Zooks (ZooKeepers), Lions...Tigers...and Bears (oh my!), and of course celebrity gossip!
Favorite Movies Gladiator w/Russell Crowe, Man on Fire w/Denzel Washington, Children of Men w/Clive Owens and The Lion King (Simba and I must be related!)
Favorite Music Huge Jazz fan!
Favorite Books Desperate Desires by Terri Wolffe (It's the bomb!)

Men I'd love to see give me a Table Dance: Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Clive Owens, and that super-fine duck, Ben Aflac!