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Gender Male
Occupation "synchronic synergetics strategist"
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Introduction Hi I'm a blogger in the nation's capital, Ottawa, Canada, usually posting on issues of alternative health, conspiracy 'fact' (as much as possible), some spirituality and activism related issues. A lot of it is simply things I think are worth reposting to my peers, but that I want to have more permanence than a status update - note the blog is searchable, and I -do- use the tags as much as possible. My occupation is made up; that is, I chose a name of something I would kind of like to do. The roots are synchronicity, synergy, and strategy, which is to say... try to move in synchronistic flow, helping people work together better and synergize, with the idea there is some strategy involved in bringing different people together to solve different problems. I guess it is not yet an accurate description of what I do, but more of a guide-star at this point.
Interests the environment anime games and gaming computers and the internet blogging sci-fi and fantasy systems science writing music philosophy
Favorite Music yoko kanno
Favorite Books idries shah - 'learning how to learn' tao of physics - fritjof capra godel, escher, bach - douglas hofstadter the celestine prophecy - james redfield