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Introduction My first blog - Celluloid Seduction - is a mix of opinions about various movies and reviews written over the past few years, plus the odd new comment, if a movie sparks enough emotion to warrant it. History: After 19+ tumultuous years slugging away, making other people rich, in the world's most ruthless, yet strangely boring and inept corporate environment, the author of 'Celluloid Seduction', that's me, throws in the towel. ... To quote Craig Volk, "I'd rather get my brains blown out in the wild, than wait in terror at the slaughterhouse." ...A former slave to the corporate bullies that control the universe (or so they think), now free to roam the wilds in search of the meaning of... something... There are times when people give me money to write about it, which is fine by me. You can do the same by following the e-mail link... ............... Permission to copy/reproduce my blog posts, in part or whole, is given provided you credit me!