bunny + chip

About me

Gender Female
Occupation Private Trainer
Location California, United States
Introduction I just moved back to California after living in New York City for 2 crazy fun years, am engaged and getting married in Oct, am a personal trainer, read magazines incessantly, watch old episodes of 'The Office' almost every night, shop religiously on-line, pretty much keep Loehmanns in business, always buy things on sale, addicted to coffee, think thin bars, and carrot juice, and sometimes cannot go to sleep at night because I want a dog {not a baby} so bad. Love my fiance, my family and my friends. Love running, roller coaster’s, classic rock, getting dressed up, champagne, cut off shorts, swimming instead of showering, staying up late, being from California, good manners, old fashioned etiquette, photography, quirky people, taking risks, and shoes…lots and lots of shoes.