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Occupation Free Spirit leaning towards artist or ballerina
Location Pensacola, Florida, United States
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Introduction I'm a cute little baby girl full of hope and curiosity about the world. I am super super friendly to people. I love to be held, eating from my bottle, sleeping both on the couch and next to my mom. My dad finds it a bit hard to sleep next to me and mommy in the big bed because we both snore quite loudly and in intervals. I like to wake up every two hours to eat, really drink from my bottle right now - I also like to be in my super swinger after I eat. I love my pink blankets and extra long sock pyjamas and looking at pictures that hang on the walls of my house. I guess I am a sucker for bright colors!
Interests Sleeping, Eating, Crying, Pooping, Peeing, Smiling and moving my hands and feet around a bit
Favorite Movies I don't like to watch any screens and I can't really even look at one for longer than five seconds unless I'm in my super swinger. I would rather look at the colors of all the paintings in my house. I may be a painter or dancer or poet when I grow up but its still too early to tell as I haven't even learned to say mama yet.
Favorite Music I like anything my daddy plays me on his AOL Music now subscription. He's got great taste in music and likes to listen to music on his computer on the weekends.
Favorite Books To tell the truth, I haven't ever read a book and dad works in a university library! I can't even read yet. I'm hoping my mommy and daddy teach me. I don't even know a single word of English or any other language. Maybe my grandparents will teach me to read in Spanish or Ukrainian or French. My name comes from three sources: Indian, Greek and Mayan. In Sanscrit Maya Means Veil of Life. Sophia is the Greek word for Wisdom and my mom is from where the ancient Maya reside so there is Mayan wisdom in me too. Will you read me my first book?

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

Du Du de Printemps or "How I learned to pee without a diaper"